E-Bulletin Issue November/December 2018

Art Journey 




Art Journey -- 21 Nov 2018

The rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of our little artists who embarked on the Art Journey fieldtrip with much excitement.

This year, students visited the Mizuma and ShanghART galleries at Gillman Barracks, where they learned about different forms of art mediums such as ceremic and resin. At Mizuma gallery, students developed an appreciation for contemporary art featuring Asian artists.

Craft is not just about the concrete physical results of the final product, but it is also about the process, the ephemerality of the mediums that we use in the process.” -- Albert Yonathan Setyawan

At ShangHART gallery, students immersed in an interactive augmented reality artworks by Aditya Novali, who utilises Augmented Reality technology to layer his sister drawings over his own, crafting a sense of absence and presence, connection and disconnection.


Lim Hor yau (10 years old) Rye student.

She has been with us since 2016. Over 2 years of practices, she has worked with several painting mediums and shown incredible improvement in her observation and painting skill. 

This is her first attempt to work with ink and water colors. Hor Yau has finished up her painting with 0.35mm micro pen not only highlighted the liveliness of the waterlines and also the sense of motion.


Surreally Exhibition







This exhibition features artworks by our little artists who have drawn inspiration from exploring the chance and relationship between the diverse mode of conscious and unconscious mind, illuminating their creative process. Some incorporate the game of ‘exquisite corpses’, a method by which a collection of words and images is collectively assembled, to spark a manifestation of creativity that can be fantastic and often juxtaposed in extraordinary ways.

So rather than just being in a natural world with precise and planned drawings, let’s embrace and allow the art to be led by uncertainty, slightly weird yet wonderful!

All artworks in this exhibition are from our students, who have been passionately planning and working on their paintings for months. The exhibition is proudly organized by Artz Graine Studio of Keative Artz in Singapore.



Congratulations on your graduation, Melody! Its time to celebrate the unique and talented person you are.

Melody was our student back then and over the years, we have breed many successful budding young artist. You have done us proud and congrats agian in completing your Diploma in Fashion Design from NAFA.













 Digital Art Programmes

Digital art is a great way to fully integrate visual art, technology and content in a seamlessly, authentic way of motivating students to be creative. We will be using softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Crazy Talk Animator or any softwares which allows students to understand and apply the tools to create their own artworks.